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Back in 2003, a school in Roxbury, Massachusetts opened its doors with the hopes of encouraging kids to focus on expressing themselves through different forms of creativity. Orchard Gardens elementary school was originally going to be the next big thing in the community for helping youngin’s in grades K-8 receive an education while also encouraging the arts. However, the creative side of the curriculum never saw a glimpse of daylight. The dance studio that had been constructed soon became a place for storage and art studios never emerged.

What was once a sign of hope for the city shortly became another failed educational establishment and ranked in the bottom five schools for the entire Bay State. Violence was prevalent among the teenyboppers and backpacks were banned to prevent the carrying of weapons.

Perhaps responding to a bat signal in the sky, a new principal by the name of Andrew Bott took the reigns in 2010. He decided to fire all of the security guards and use the new budget to resurrect the unused art program. Kids could now start dancing in the studio - turned storage room - turned studio, learn to play instruments, participate in visual art classes, and so on.

Three years after Bott donned his cape and went to action, Orchard Grove went through a bigger transformation than Lil Kim and has the largest number of student improvement rates for the entire state. The kids are now developing futures for themselves and focusing their energy on adding beauty to the world.

What we have here is a small testament to the power of the arts. If an entire school can go through a metamorphosis as drastic as Orchard Grove by simply providing creative outlets for their students, imagine the benefits these avenues can have on your life.

Drop the frustrations and pick up a new talent.