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There was an autumn a few years back where I slept for an entire fortnight. For no apparent reason, I laid my head to rest after a typical evening and did not open my eyes for another two weeks. Waking up haggard, confused, and delirious, I went to my notebook and wrote down what turned out to be a forty line poem. In the state I was in, I felt like the words were streaming unconsciously. My non-cognitive thoughts had a direct line to my pen while my hand had trouble keeping up with the pace. Breaking into a cold sweat from malnutrition and fourteen days without the use of a latrine, I ceased the explosion of the normally quiet sections of my id, and laid my pen to rest.

It has been said that some of the best creativity occurs after a night’s sleep. Numerous writers and painters get to work as soon as they wake up. This is before the brain starts fueling up with the normal, everyday anxieties, sending off a rocket of self-doubt. Thoughts are able flow freely from the lesser used portions of your brain. So, when you wake up tomorrow morning, during the sacred time after your eyes open and before your first Pop Tart, sit down and create something. Anything. You’ll be surprised at what you accomplish.

Give salutations to the sunrise, my friends.