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Bottom Shelf

I’ve known Richmond Knight for quite some time now. I don’t recall where or how we met. But ever since that day, he’s always shown up at different periods of my life. I never enjoy our encounters, as he goes on and on in the most contrived manner. He is the most pompous, self righteous man I have ever met. You may ask, why am I publishing his words. Well, some nights you drink Blue Label. Other nights you drink Wild Turkey to remind yourself how good the other stuff is.


Sublime References of Moral Divinity

To write a poem, a momentous task
Something new, something different my brothers!
I must begin now, fore I’ve emptied my flask
My originality will surpass all others

Some lines will rhyme, and others may not
Rules don’t apply to someone this smart
I’ve read every classic book in case you forgot
I’m god’s gift to man with my metaphorical art

Ideas come from my head like a shirtless rebel
Diving skin
Cold safety pins like nightingales course through the sky
Always, always, always....sometimes

I’ve changed the game, that’s all I can say
Read on, my brothers, read away



I Conquered the Sphinx

Sitting there, our drinks had emptied
Conversation lost vigor
Her thoughts most daft, I concede
Do me a favor doll, pull this trigger

Engineered backwards most people seem
Bored with all those that surround me
I walk through them like a shattered dream
A flaccid misinterpreted fantasy

Waterlogged from common population
Sinking ever so slowly
Suffocating from all of your conversations
The mindless ramble will soon destroy me

If only I wasn’t one of a kind
I wouldn’t have to drink myself blind



Richmond Knight | 36 | Random Places, USA

Celebrates all holidays the day after the official date.  

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I love the name richmond Knight

January 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPam Ehren

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