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No Reservations

Which dinosaurs? All of them. That is the kind of approach Bo Bowersmith (guitar, vocals), Gheramy Demery (bass, vocals), Dave Gibian (guitar, vocals), and Joe Willis (Drums, vocals) take to their music with All Dinosaurs. A balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, all or nothin' type thing. You know what I mean. All Dinosaurs is a rock and roll band and they don't let you forget it. 

“Paranoid Indigenous,” the group's eleven track debut album, lays clear where they stand and where they intend to go. With this effort, the self-proclaimed Pioneers of Frontier Rock have established a solid trailhead in the wilderness of Rock Music Territory.

My advice to you? Check out All Dinosaurs. See them play live, and before you leave the show make sure you still have your shadow. It just might have been blasted permanently to a wall. 

Generic Power Shift 

Black Gold

Uncle Robert's Castle

Learn more about paleontology and friend them on Facebook.


Bo Bowersmith, Gheramy Demery, Dave Gibian, and Joe Willis are

All Dinosaurs | Cleveland, OH

The band members ruled planet Earth for 186 million years. From the earliest species of the Triassic period's Eoraptors, to the last of the of the Cretaceous period's Parasaurolophuses. 

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