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At War With My Own Thoughts

If only I could remember when I was 22, but when you get to be my age all you have are dreams. I met a young lady recently named Myranda. She reminded a lot of myself when I was younger, or at least how I dreamt I was at her age. She enjoys what she calls “the unexciting”. If knee boarding, sports cars and hanging out with friends isn’t exciting, I guess I need to re-evaluate what I consider is. She also told me that she had been writing as an outlet for as long as she could remember and it shows in her work. I’m sure you will enjoy this piece as much as I do.

Flying, soaring higher than I ever have
An unknown advantage
The ability to create thoughts only dreamed of
Racing, mind boggling
Uncontrollable jubulation

in the blink of an eye
A super power so strong
Gone without notice
Left with only a shell of longing
Yearning for normality
Constant desire for an acceptable train of thought

Fluctuating so fast
Struck by brilliance
Only to be stolen by lackluster thoughts
Like a thief of mental stability
You come and go as you please
Wreaking havoc at your own accord
Exiting on your terms
Will you leave me a shred of sanity

Myranda D. Carino | 22 | Yuba City, CA

Taught her younger brother and sister how to knee board before they could even walk. 

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