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Steal Life

There have been many times that I have visited museums and exhibits and stood in awe of the realistic qualities of some of the pieces. Painters can create masterpieces that look like they are photos taken from a camera. They have the ability to take something they have witnessed in life and transfer it onto a canvas in the exact form that was seen with their eyes. 

Tierney Moses has taken this talent to a new level; to the point that it makes me question my own reality. The intricate details of her bodies of work are so beautiful that everything else in the outside world looks like a run-down version of her brush-strokes.

Her paintings are more real than reality itself. 

Whether your a nihilist, hedonist, exhistentialist, or just follow the words of David Bowie, your aspect on what is real will be forever changed. With every stroke of the brush or rubbing of charcoal, Ms. Moses is turning the world of philosophy on its head. If Nietzsche was around to witness the following artwork, he would go mad as all of his theories would instantly implode.


Witness something realer than real


Tierney Moses | Age 23 | San Clemente, CA

Made a life-size portrait of Jefferson Washington. It took Mr. Washington a week to realize that he was not the sketched version of the portrait.

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