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Blame It On My ADD

Remember when you were a little kid growing up and some of your friends would eat each thing off their plate one at a time, not letting them touch; while others, maybe yourself included, would mix their corn with their mash potatoes and just go for it? Apply this analogy as an approach to making music and you have AWOLNATION. However, the corn is now Rage Against the Machine, the steak is Maroon Five, and the mash potatoes are Little Richard

The Solo project of Aaron Bruno, AWOLNATION follows up two failed major label endorsed attempts at making it in the music world. Maybe it was his failed attempt at freestyle rapping, the two failed band projects, or his wide ranging musical influences that have contributed to the genre blending sounds of his debut album, Megalithic Symphony

According to an interview with Bruno in the LA Music Blog, it may have been his vision all along, except that never before has he had the unbridled freedom of expression to experiment in the way he does with AWOLNATION:

“I’d been writing a lot of songs that were personal songs to me that sometimes I would submit to the different bands that I had been in, and for whatever reason, people didn’t seem to want to do those songs. I had built up a pretty big rejection folder of songs and ideas, so it was pretty easy for me to say, “All right, if this isn’t going to happen, I’m going to do the solo thing.”

Lucky for us, do it he did. Utilizing anything from rap, shouting, singing, and vocal distortion over house party-ready beats that make it hard to stand still, Bruno leaves the listener on their toes. Bruno throws soul, rock, electronic, hip hop and even gospel into the blender and somehow pulls off a thirst-quenching amalgamation, never getting too far off the beaten path, while somehow tying it all together.

Whether you're a food together or food separate kind of music fan, there is something for everyone in Aaron Brunos unique style. So go AWOL from your normal routine and check out AWOLNATION…who knows, you might find that corn mixed with mashed potatoes is one of the simple pleasures in life. 


Mix everything together on your dinner plate.


Aaron Bruno is

AWOLNATION | Los Angeles, CA

Bruno got the nickname AWOL by notoriously giving the “Irish Goodbye” when leaving parties. 

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