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The Institute of Celluloid Advancement

People place stigmas on living in different parts of the world. Call it “regional pessimism.” I witness this constantly in places I visit outside of the typical big cities seen in movies. They live with a mindset that they won’t be able to accomplish their ambitions because of the location they are currently living. Daver Jennings was told this very thing in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. While attending Cleveland State University’s film school, Mr. Jennings’ proffessors told him repeatedly that he will not succeed pursuing a career in film while living there. This sparked the idea for his first feature-length film, To Hell with Hollywood.

Mr. Jennings first began writing the film in 2006. After realizing he did not have the resources to accomplish his vision, the film was put on hiatus until 2009. After 6 drafts, a budget of next to nothing, and a cast of actors with little-to-no experience, Mr. Jennings was able to create his movie and sparked a gem upon completion.

I am pleased to be able to share with you "To Hell with Hollywood" in it's entirety. The film is currently being submitted to film fesitivals. If you enjoy what you see, and would like to see it on the big screen, contact a local film festival and request a filming. 


Currently, Mr. Jennings and his production team Nickel Plate Productions are finishing up the first episode of a web series titled "Frank Follows a Dream." The series follows Frank as he accomplishes tasks on a list he has created of things to do before he turns 30. He will stop at nothing to complete the list, even if it means quitting his job and leaving his wife.

Do people need to move to Hollywood to make it in film? To hell with that. Mr. Jennings proves that you can succeed in producing amazing work no matter where you are located. It is because of people like him that locations like Cleveland, Ohio will continue to shine through the shadows of the big cities.


Learn more about To Hell with Hollywood and Nickel Plate Productions.

Watch more of Mr. Jennings' videos.


Daver Jennings |  Age 25 | Lakewood, OH

Two days after Lebron James was denied the role of Johan Blitzer, he made "The Decision."

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