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Öffen Ihr Geist

After a night of catching up with old friends, I went back to the flat I was renting for the summer in Ahrensburg, Germany feeling like a labrador in a park full of French Poodles. My stomach was full with frikadellen and a few glasses of Höhler. As soon as I walked into my abode, I laid myself in bed and instantly found myself in another place. I was walking along a beach I had never visited before. Everybody within talking distance was recognizing me and coming up to ask if I had been to the show yet. Not knowing who these people were and what show they were talking about, I went along and said that I had not, but planned on seeing it soon. They did not accept this answer and told me to follow them. We instantly were making our way down a cobblestone street. The street was crowded with hundreds of people walking in the same direction. They all were looking back at me as they passed. Even though I had never seen any of these people before, every one of them would tell me how happy they were to see me again. At the blink of an eye, I was surrounded by thousands of people in an outdoor music venue. There was a stage in the distance occupied by one man and his music equipment. The sounds coming in my direction felt like they were transmitted from the stars. Soon, I found myself floating above the crowd. I could see the faces of the countless people in attendance. They were all looking at me and smiling. I was levitating slowly towards the direction of the stage, while every person I passed thanked me for joining them. The stage got closer and the music coming from it got louder. Right before I approached the stage, I found myself laying in bed in my flat, not knowing where I was. It was only after a few minutes I was able to regain my grasp on reality. 

The whole experience was different than a dream. It was a cross between the real world and the cosmos of the subconscious. The music of Ulrich Schnauss also crosses these two realms.


Mr. Schnauss' music is not only an experience for your ears; the mind and body also sense the depths of his rhythms. He called electronic music's cards, and upped the ante. With the mix of ambient sounds and elegant chords of the synthesizer, Mr. Schnauss produces music that few others can dream to create. Whether you are sitting in your room, driving to a fencing tournament, delivering a baby, or fixing your microwave, if Mr. Schnauss' music is playing, you will take a journey through space and time.



Clear Day


Learn more about Mr. Schnauss.


Ulrich Schnauss | Age 33 | Kiel, Germany

If "Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn" is played while watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on mute, Roger Waters gets a craving for a bar of hazelnut Milka chocolate.

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    Early this year Dr.
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    The Traveling Yeti - CURRENT ISSUE - Öffen Ihr Geist
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    The Traveling Yeti - CURRENT ISSUE - Öffen Ihr Geist
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    The Traveling Yeti - CURRENT ISSUE - Öffen Ihr Geist

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