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Gratuity Not Included

There are many ingredients that make up the recipe of functional societies. One of them that is often overlooked is the service industry. I have a theory that without the people filling these jobs, civilization would collapse. While Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were making crucial decisions towards ending one of the largest wars the world has ever known, there was a bartender keeping them sharp to their wits. When Galileo was meeting with other scientists, coming up with theories that would revolutionize the way people saw the world, there were caterers making sure their stomachs were always full. No matter where you look, there is a person providing services to keep society afloat.

Lindsay Brooke is one of the people keeping the world, as we know it, in tact. She serves food to hungry customers and explains the encounters in her blog. Ms. Brooke’s sense of humor sheds light on the countless hours and dedication people spend serving others. So next time you are given a drink, handed a plate of food, getting you shoes shined, or having your coal delivered, give a sincere thank you to the person helping you out. Life without them would be disastrous.

And don’t forget to tip.



Mormon Pink Sauce

Obviously I am sitting here looking at that title, giggling like a 12 year old. 
The best part about is it's a direct quote from my table of Mormons last night.

My party of 10 sits down, very friendly, and I go to get drink orders. Waters all around, and 2 Diet Cokes. Awesome. Thank goodness they are doing Family Style. Bloggiano's should be proud of how "special" I made them feel, while stuffing my pockets with their Mormon cash. They couldn't decide on only two appetizers, so I told them they could get three appetizers and one salad instead. 


When they STILL couldn't decide on only three, I suggested they order an additional onion strings for the teenagers. 


When they asked me about the vodka in the gnocchi's pink sauce, they informed me that they were all Mormon and couldn't have alcohol. Ohhhh now I get why there's no wine on the table! I kindly told them we are a scratch kitchen and can make the sauce without vodka.

"Tell the chef we need Mormon pink sauce!" -says the father of the table whose birthday they are celebrating.


Even with their millions of questions, I was feeling especially friendly and they loved me. This is a new thing for me since I dated a Mormon once and his mother hated me for being Jewish. "Aren't you nervous about going to hell when you die?" Yep, that happened. 
Anyway, dessert time rolls around and we have another alcohol issue. They definitely want cheesecake, but also want chocolate. Unfortunately, most of our chocolate desserts have liqueur, so that's not an option. I suggest my glorious Apple Crostada, and they go for it! I bring out two plates with "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate and they are totally wow'd. And when someone asks what's in Spumoni and I tell them how delicious ours is, they get an extra order!


Their bill got to $314 without any drinks, alcohol, or coffee....and I was pretty pleased! And to make it even better, they added any extra $20 for tip beyond the 18% included! 

Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Halleeeeelujah!!!




Skinny Bitches

Here's a tip: If you're on a diet, DON'T eat at Bloggiano's.

I had a table of 8 women, counting their Weight Watcher's points. "Skinny Sangrias" all around!

Now, that would be okay with me because they're $8.25 a piece, (lesser calories thanks to Splenda in the syrup)  but it all started to go downhill after that...

Let's count the Voids I had to make my manager deal with:

1) One Skinny Sangria sent back because she didn't like it.

2) I brought stuffed mushrooms as an entrée for one of the women who had to be in and out quickly. She sent them back because we "must have changed the recipe." I explained that all we only added the spinach that used to be sprinkled on top into the breadcrumb mixture itself, tinting the stuffing a bit green. She told me I was wrong.You're right, lady. I'm lying...because I care that much.

3) Once another girl realized someone sent back the sangria, she sent hers back also...after having drank half of it.

4) A salad sent back because the chicken "tasted funny."

5) And finally, the only void that was actually my fault: I had to take off a Stella draft because I didn't know we were 86'd.

I just don't understand why you'd plan your birthday dinner at a Family Style Italian restaurant if you're watching your figure. There are plenty of restaurants with special diet menu items and calories listed everywhere. Why torture yourself?!? I suggested the flatbreads to two ladies because they actually have the least amount of calories compared to our other dishes, but instead they got shrimp butter....easy, easy oil, no salt.  Yummy. 

I'd rather have a lean cuisine.


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Lindsay Brooke | Age 26 | West Hills, CA

Taught herself how to speak Hebrew in one night after watching an entire marathon of Tel Aviv's version of Cash Cab

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