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Baskins Reinwalt (aka Barkin' Basky) was the oldest man I had ever met. I saw him sitting in the corner of a bar by himself, a frail old man, not weighing a stone over 80 pounds, but nonetheless could break every collar-popper in half. His eyes were closed as he was intently listening to Charlie Patton playing over the jukebox speakers. I did not want to break his meditative state, but one look at him fascinated me, so I went over. Basky started talking about life growing up in the Mississippi Delta. He spoke with passion about how the origins of all music we know today was spawned from the Blues that came from that small area of the country. 

He told me stories about Son House and Skip James playing in small public houses in the Delta before they made their first recordings. Tennants in the bars were drinking whiskey and moonshine strong enough to make the fair weathered folks go blind, while they sat surrounded by cigar smoke and sawdust. Basky relished in his memories of these times before he explained that he lost his ability to play guitar because of complications after a rattlesnake bit his left hand. 

Those were the days that people just played music. There were no music videos, there were no award shows, and (for damn sure) there was no American Idol. The conversation I had with Basky made me crave some modern day, gritty Blues. I wanted to hear some new music that was stripped down of all the garbage and had the soul of what Rock and Roll originated from. This is why I was three sheets to the wind when my path crossed with Jefferson Washington. 

Mr. Washington is bringing the spirit of the Delta back to the scene. His dedication to the fundamental roots of Blues with his own twist to the style makes him shine a light that few others are willing and able to hold. When I close my eyes and listen to songs like "I'll Be Gone" and "Ain't that Somethin'" I can imagine being in those public houses, sawdust on my feet, the sweet burn of rubbing alcohol on my lips. 

   "I'll Be Gone"

 "Rain Fall Down"

"Hyde Street Blues"

"Aint that Somethin'"

  "Orange Grove"


It comes with the utmost pleasure to announce that Mr. Washington is the first musician join Yeti Records. Throughout the next couple of months, my management company will be further developed and more info will be coming. If you are an independent artist looking for management and interested making your career in music that much more awesome, send me an email. Together we can create greatness.


Listen to more crusty rust.


Jefferson Washington | Age 22 | San Clemente, California

Simultaneously milked one dozen cows using only the sound of his voice. 

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