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Her Majesty's a Pretty Nice Girl

I will be the first to admit that I have not always been environmentally conscious. There was a time when you could find a crumb-like trail of Necco Wafer wrappers and broken bottles that would lead you in my general direction. Things changed after an intervention from friends and a six hour marathon of Captain Planet, and can now safely admit that I am a recovering "polluter." This is a problem that many people struggle with every day of their life. It starts off with tossing one or two candy wrappers out of a car window, and progresses into entire fast food orders, disgarded clothing, and deceased pets. Living as a polluter is hard to recognize as most people do not realize they have a problem. This is why the efforts of people like Hannah Cosner, are slowly bringing to light the problem that littering has on our planet.


As a student at Laguna College of Art and Design, Ms. Cosner and a her fellow classmate, Tierney Moses found an advertisement posted by Andre Faubert on behalf of the Surfrider Foundation. Mr. Faubert was looking for art students to help create an object of beauty out of garbage he collected from a 5 mile stretch of beach in southern California. For one hour a day during the span of thirty days (titled "The 30/30 Experiment"), Mr. Faubert collected a startling amount of litter. Currently piled in the middle of Ms. Cosner’s garage, she and Ms. Moses came up with the idea of creating a wave that is compiled of everything Mr. Faubert gathered. Once completed, the wave of garbage will be toured throughout southern California to raise awareness of the amount of waste that is scattered across our beaches, and to bring other polluters out of their current state of denial. As we all know, the first step on the road to recovery is acknowledgment that there is a problem.

Since this project is still in its infancy stages, I can only share with you pictures of the work in progress. For updates on the project and pictures on the wave upon completion, become a fan of The Traveling Yeti on Facebook.

When Ms. Cosner isn’t out changing the world for the better, she spends her time creating masterpieces on canvas.

Learn more about Ms. Cosner.


Hannah Cosner | Age 22 | San Clemente, CA

Once dressed up as a rainbow and went to a rave, but could not enjoy herself because a two-foot tall Irishman kept following her around all night. 

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