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Clear Skies

I can't see the stars.  I know they are there, so why won't the sky show them to me?  Here in Mexico City, where the lights and sounds of a modern metropolis breathe heavy and always, my ability to see what exists in the collective reality is diffused. This is the same place where folks lived and ruled by what the lights from above would say. Five-hundred years ago, a fella could just tilt his head right back, look up and know what was going on. Nowadays, ya gotta receive your messages elsewhere. In a big city like this one, if you're looking to see something different in something everybody can look at, your best bet is to stop trying to make what is here, disappear. Instead, embrace the pollutants. The city lights may inhibit our capacity to see what lies beyond, but they help us to see with clarity what is here. So for me, at times like these, I take to the galleries.

Tenochtitlan didn't have this kind of art scene, nor did it have such a diverse population of styles, techniques and mediums. What I've also found tonight, for which I am most grateful, is that Mexico City is the place where Remigio Valdes de Hoyos is displaying his work.  Not only does this give me a chance to see some fine contemporary art from a true creative mind, but it also means I'll soon be receiving what I had for so long been missing.

Looking at the same thing everybody in this gallery has viewed, I am seeing something else. I'm seeing the work of Remigio through my own personal Yeti filter. I'm seeing what the artist saw when he got down on paper the sights and feelings he had previously kept inside. I'm seeing what I wouldn't have seen if the stars were visible over the city.







Check out more of Mr. Valdés de Hoyos' work.


Remigio Valdés de Hoyos | Age 52 | Monterrey, Mexico

Began drawing perfect circles before saying his first words.

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