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Morning Music

They say retirement is a time for you to relax and take care of yourself. I tried it once. The thought of waking up every morning with an empty calendar seemed great . . . while it lasted. I soon began to realize that no matter how hard I tried, the free time was getting to a level of mindlessness that I felt like I was wasting away. I thought about the ways to break the monotony and contemplated ceasing my break from reality. Then it dawned on me, retirement shouldn’t be about clearing my agenda, it should be about filling it with excitement, danger, relaxation, or all three at the same time. Whatever I desired.

I met a man named Liam recently at an Irish writing group. He came to the same conclusion as I did about how to spend one's time. We got to talking and shared many stories about our lives. After retirement, Liam decided to write poetry. He co-founded the Irish writer’s group which meets twice a month and has been an active member ever since. "Morning Music" is a piece written by Liam recently that I’m sure you all will find as soothing to the ears as it is to the soul.


The sun rides its red horse along the mountain ridge,
then slowly flows down granite escarpments,
an expanding lake of light, infinite in its subtle
variations. In the valley below, life stretches
and, bleary-eyed, greets the fresh new day.
In the shallow river pools, spools of bubbles
rise as torpid trout shake the scales of night
from their silver backs and take off in search
of tidbits; darting in starts and fits,
parting weeds and gobbling careless flies.
Dragonflies, bees and drowsy beetles stir,
drone and click their absurd symphony
of sounds - the discordant, yet sweet, music
of morning. And now the tweet of birdsong,
an additional homage to the rising sun.


Liam | 69 | Leeds, England

Plans to swim the English Channel on his 100th birthday.

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