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I am a self-proclaimed nerd and proud to call myself that. I own the original "Star Wars" trilogy and will still watch the cinematic dynamite with commercials if I come across any of them on television. On Friday nights, I am content on drinking a couple glasses of J&B and playing Scrabble with some friends ("qat" is a use-able word, my friends). I believe that dinosaurs and Alex Trebek are some of the most awesome beings to have ever walked on this planet.

At a young age, people perceive nerds to be a bad thing. Call them what you like, but I have come to realize that without dweebs, dorks, geeks, dags, mooncalfs, bookworms, eggheads, and the rest of the like, the world would be a dreary place. Modern science, literature, computers, lightbulbs, all forms of transportation, etc...would not exist without our Urkel-esque friends. These people did not bother their time with what popular culture was telling them to do. They saw the world as it was and decided to change it. Two brothers named Hank and John Green fit into this category as they create video blogs on their YouTube channel titled “Vlogbrothers.”

A musician and writer (respectively) by trade, Hank and John spend their free time talking about whatever comes to their mind. With topics ranging from neighbor's yards, to NASA, to their careers, to being called a “pussy” while riding a bike, the Green brothers have developed a healthy following with their quick talk and witty humor. Together they strive to “raise nerdy to the power of awesome” while they "decrease the world suck."


Read up on John's books, listen up to Hank's music, and watch up more of their vlogs.


Hank and John Green are

Vlogbrothers | Many different places, USA

The first time the word "nerd" was used in print was in Dr. Seuss' "If I Ran the Zoo." This was around the same time Willy Wonka was inspired to create Nerds after having nothing to feed a gorilla during his weekly trip to the zoo.  

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