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Mistress of Give and Take

It's a small world we live in. I've seen plenty of square inches on this planet of ours, and can say there is only one place that I return to that is exactly as I left it time and time again. I was there recently and met a man by the name of Ed Evans. The familiar faces I see throughout the world never come as a surprise, but I nevertheless get thrown off when running into another solitary soul while taking a trip to the Gates of Madness. What do you say to this person when you run into them? There aren't any local saloons to grab a drink and chat. But once we do get to talking, I realize that he is there for the same reason I am (and any other person who would find themselves there for that matter). We all need a sanctuary, a place of healing where one can express themselves freely. Dark Star Poetry is just that place. You may seem mad at times, but you have to be in order to keep from going completely insane. This is why I never hesitate to return. Perhaps I'll see you there next time. But for now, enjoy an amazing poem by Mr. Evans.


Mistress of Give and Take

She is beauty in her tranquility:
fearsome in her stormy temper,
and life to us all.

Brave men dare to ride her.
Alone on the lap of nature.
Fools dare to tame her.
Her creativity can never be swayed. 
Romantic men risk adventure 
with this mistress of give and take.

She is a fickle bitch;
this beauty of unfathomable depth.
A natural wonder of power and grace. 
To love her is to know her unpredictability,
her mood swings, her fury, 
her giving nature, and her love.

But heed my warning my friends.
Those who choose to love her
and those who would ride her waves of creation.
Know this truth;
she will never covet you,
she will never coddle you,
but she may call you back to her womb. 

She plays no favorites among men.
For the sea does not dream of you.



Ed Evans | Age 48 | Lake Tahoe, California

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