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Specimen Viewing Gallery

There was a short amount of time I was being harrassed by a leader of a small cult of people in Vancouver, Canada. For the sake of avoiding an encounter with him again, I will just refer to him as Pierre. During my time in British Columbia, I would never go two days without running into him. Either Pierre actually possessed some other-worldly power by continually knowing where I was located, or I was the victim of a stalker. Every conversation with him turned into a long sermon about other worlds existing around us that most of us do not comprehend. If I gave him C$750, he would begin the process of "detoxifying" my brain to open my up eyes and become part of these worlds. The detoxication included a strict regiment of elixers filled with different sorts of hallucinogens mixed with an assortment of MSG, high-fructose corn syrup and laundry detergent. Now, I can respect his sentiments about other worlds that might be lying right in front of our eyes, but it was his endless drool of having to intake chemicals to become part of them that made me shun his belief system. Tyler Bewley's artwork proves Pierre and his followers completely wrong.

It only takes a brief moment when looking at Mr. Bewley's pieces to get lost in another place. While spending time with his work, you might see a struggle of nature versus man. You might see a distant place in a distant time. You might see something that came to you in a dream. No matter what experience and interpretation, you will come walk away feeling like you have traveled somewhere else.

There are other worlds around us. You just don't need to make yourself crazier than a shit-house rat by taking a large dose of Pierre's chemicals to see them.


Solar, Wind, Water-Tryptich

Specimen Viewing Gallery 2

Coral Regrowth Project 
Aqueduct Highway


From Below, From Above 300

Polar Houseboats

Ocean Property


Detoxify your brain the natural way. 


Tyler Bewley | | San Francisco, CA

Painted a lifesize portrait of The Neurovoltaic Orchestra. The magnitude of awesomeness from the final result is so great that only Stevie Wonder can see the painting.

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    The current gallery will be presenting up on the different steps. These are the main side of the different websites. We can easy to visit with the main side of new things.
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