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Lights in the Sky

All poets are a little bit insane. At least some people want you to think that way. When Allen Ginsberg first published "Howl," people called him psychotic, perverted, and other things not worth mentioning. These people did not understand that Mr. Ginsberg was describing the world in a language that mostly spoken in our dreams. Dream-speak (otherwise known as poetry) is not for everybody, and sounds like gibberish to the ignorant. But those that take time to learn the language will realize that poets are not insane, they just accessed the words spoken in the dark regions of our mind and transferred them to paper. Jennifer Steiert is proficient in dream-speak (and only slightly insane). When I go to sleep tonight, I hope my thoughts are as beautiful Ms. Steiert's words. 

Caustic to the uncovered eye.
It tugs, dragging away the protective quilt,
A gossamer veil of skin.
Lashing at lenses with tongues of flame,
Harsh glares bite at pupils;
They cower in small spheres,
Irises are exposed and ablaze.

Darkness washes across the burning skies,
The air cools, a numbing breeze.
Silver, pure, shimmering on still pools –
Lights reawaken in the embers.
The ashes crumble and drift away,
Caught in reflections of a luminous sea,
Rippling through the air.



Speak the language of your dreams.


Jennifer Steiert | United Kingdom

If she were to choose between an iPod and a unicorn, the iPod will reign champion.

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