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Believe it, Brother

I love Orange County. The area in Southern California is a welcome site every time I visit. Everything from the constant smell of eucalyptus in the air, palm trees, mom and pop burger shops, and the beautiful beaches always keeps me coming back for more.

The weather isn't so bad either.

OC's Rebels of Analog can now be added to things I admire about this area of the country. When listening to them, I find myself wanting to put on my headphones, grab a longboard and cruise along the windy streets of San Clemente. RoA provides listeners with classic rock and roll with a tinge of Southern Californian style without succumbing to a cliche sound that can be attributed to that area. 

During the times that Southern California is nowhere near my destination, it is welcoming to know that I can put on the Rebels of Analog to get my OC fix. I could be freezing my behind off at the outskirts of Siberia, but with a little help from RoA, I never feel like a surfboard and a warm beach is too far away.


Get your fix

Full album can be purchased here


Chris Griffith, Josh Ahrens, Tim Von Gremp, and Andy Gardikas are 

Rebels of Analog | Aliso Niguel, CA

Plans to be the first band to create a tidal wave by playing music underwater.

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