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A Higher Plain

Poets often take mundane, every day topics like, you know, heartbreak or deep passionate love, and turn it into gut-wrenching, soul shattering masterpieces. Poetry is meant to transport the reader to a higher level – a higher plain – of thinking.  That’s the goal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association – an online community of poets who want to transport you somewhere out of this world.

Founded in 1978, the association is for poets who love to lament about fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and genres in a similar vain. Ever feel like putting pen to paper to express your emotions about zombies or fairies? Can you no longer contain your frustrations with the downgrade of Pluto? For only $15 a year, you can join the association which holds open mike nights around the country, throws contests, and publishes books.

However, you might want to keep your latest ode to Harry Potter fan poem in your back pocket – and submit it here instead. The Science Fiction Poetry Association is not a fan site.

Grab your silver cape and make haste. Take your love of all things futuristic and fun and turn it into your next masterpiece. There’s a community out there looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and nothing is too far-fectched when it comes from your imagination.

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