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The Island President

There is a garland of a country off of southern India known as the Maldives, and it is the most beautiful chain of islands that exist in the world, thank you very much.  If you have not heard of this magestic place, it is where they shoot commercials when they need to represent paradise. It is where wealthy people go to wear white linen and wade in clear warm seas. It is where you actually want to drink a Corona with your beautiful friends.

Islands, as you might imagine, are low to the water; almost at sea level, in fact.  If you've been keeping up with current events, you might have heard that sea levels are rising.  Not ideal for the 100k people who call Maldives home.  Especially irksome when you consider that the natives recently brought themselves out of a terrible dictatorship by their own bootstraps, and have elected a tough-as-nails president who was an essential part of the rebellion.

The documentary,  The Island President, paints the picture of President Mohamed Nasheed, who after having spent his life fighting for freedom, is now vigorously fighting for global environmental reform.  The rising levels of the oceans are a direct threat to Maldives. Now that Nasheed has given his freedom and democracy, you better believe he wants them to continue to have a place to practice it.  If you want to look into the eyes of a changing environment, look no further than a man who is yelling from his soapbox of a country desperately fighting to remain existent on our tiny planet.


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