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Do the Do Run-Run

We go through life with certain forces driving us to feel different ways about different things. Blame it on dogma, fate, karma or hormones, feelings emerge out of thin air and linger long past their expected due date. Once infected with a new emotional outlook on something, one must either accept the fact that this is going to be part of their life or wait for a new feeling to wash over the one previous.

I was recently infected with a new feeling that will take a lifetime to recover, if ever. Some might call it “love at first sight” but I just refer to it as “instant infatuation.” Just as quick as she came into my life, I knew things would not be the same for me.

Her name is Azealia Banks.

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With small traces of class hip hop artists like Foxy Brown, Ms. Banks reflects the hey-day of mid-90’s rap with a new spin that proves this genre of music is still evolving. Her music is as sexy as she is and I often find myself listening to “212” over and over.

My advice: turn off the children’s party karaoke clown rappers with less lyrical talent than your bowl of Rice Krispies, spitting nonsense about their style of bandana, and concentrate on spending time with Ms. Banks. In the end, you’ll walk away completely smitten.



Discover a new love.


Azealia Banks | Brooklyn, NY | Age 20

By the time you read this, she may have already gotten bigger the Nicki Minaj. 

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