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Perfect Strangers

The old saying that "everybody is connected" is somewhat overplayed. Yes, we are all the collection of stardust that has gathered to form the physical shape that you now envelop, but this concept is often used in the wrong context or is easily forgotten. We all walk our own paths and integrate with a microscopic amount of the population making it difficult to see a connection. However, have you ever gotten the weird feeling of familiarity when you meet a stranger? This random collection of stardust passes you by and a wave of nostalgia hits you like you grew up with him or her? Perhaps this feeling isn't that intense and the person only feels like you have interacted with them at some point in the past. Those two situations and everything in between can explain the work of Isaiah Beiser. He immortalizes people in his works of art while providing everyone a haven to be completely comfortable with strangers. 

Saying "everyone is connected" might be used more often than it should, but in regards to Mr. Beiser's photos, nothing comes closer to the truth.



Get connected.


Isaiah Beiser | San Francisco, CA

Each person in his photos only have 3 degrees of separation between themselves and Kevin Bacon

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