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The Watercress Journal

Back in the summer of 2010, I first crossed paths with Shelly Wotowiec in a small coffee shop in Lakewood, Ohio. She had just started a writing group and it sounded like an excellent way to spend my Saturday mornings. It started out with five to six people and within a few short weeks grew to take over a decent portion of the cafe.

We all shared whatever writing projects we were working on at the time and gave constructive feedback on each piece. Some mornings I would sit there still smelling of the previous night's libations, listening to the words being read and be thankful to be surrounded by folks with similar passions for the use of prose.

It has felt like ages since those Saturday mornings in Lakewood, but I still think about the meetings from time to time. I have also been happy to have kept Ms. Wotowiec in my life. You may recognize her name from previous issues published here.

On top of continually writing, she has recently launched a literary magazine titled The Watercress Journal. As editor-in-chief, Ms. Wotowiec and other members of the still thriving writing group, have put together a collection of fictional short stories that were submitted from talented writers all over the globe.

I was tickled pink to spend time with the very first issue of Watercress when it was published early January, 2013 and gives me pleasure to share it with you.


Join the group.



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