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Assault the Senses

I’ve spent a night or two in Connemara sleeping one off, and I’ve rambled my way through the alleys of Belfast on a wayward psychedelic night, but even my most aggressive bleary eyed sightings on the rock can’t compare with what Fergal O’Connor has conjured up from the bowels of the human imagination. His drawings leap and dance, almost in motion, exploding like the final ecstasies of a dying brain. And each one involves the viewer so wholly as to become more of an environment than a mere picture.

He's got a touch of the street artist, a touch of the fantasy artist, a touch of the psychedelic, and a touch of the O’Connor; that unique quality that is solely his and hard to describe, but my best attempt might be a tender explosiveness. He balances beauty and horror, love, life, sex and death - as any artist should - in images classically blended to assault the senses. And yes it is an assault, you won’t be hard pressed to conjure up a reaction to his works. They hit you right away with a great deal of force.

And so I’m hoping the next time I find myself hungover in Ireland, I might stumble past a spray-painted graffiti piece akin to Fergal O’Connor’s work - something vibrant and powerful enough to put that sobering yet utterly tripped out mindset back in place - to motivate me towards my next adventure.

In the meantime I can enjoy the energy here, and so can you. 



Sober yourself up

Trip yourself down.


Fergal O'Connor | Keel, Cork, Ireland

Nine out of ten doctors recommend a weekly dose of Mr. O'Conner's art.

Reader Comments (1)

Just re-reading this for the first time in a long long time, my first written feature and probably still the best! :D thank you Yeti!, hope your travels are going well!.

November 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterFergal O' Connor

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