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The other day I sat down and listened to three different songs. It wasn't the typical type of listening where I put on music while I completed tasks throughout the day. I laid down on the couch, put on headphones, cleared everything in my head, and dissected each song. I closed my eyes and let each beat take me to where the musician may or may not have intended.

Each beat. Each note. Each chord progression.

I took in every single minutiae of the music that flowed through me. By the time I finished listening, I felt like my ever-racing mind had taken a vacation and gained a deeper connection with the assorted rhythms that was produced solely for my enjoyment. 

Artists are constantly surrounding us with outlets for our minds to focus on. It is easy to see a painting and appreciate its beauty, but actually taking in every brush stroke that was put into that work of art is often overlooked. Next time you spend time with something a person has created, bond with it. Turn off your mind and let the piece take you where it naturally progresses in the dark areas of your inner thoughts.

I suggest starting off with the following exhibited talent.