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Perhaps I have grown cynical with age but I have come to despise hearing the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As each of us are familiar, this is predominantly asked of us as soon as we throw syllables together in the forms of words and follows us all the way through our educational track. For those among us that know exactly where their lives are going to be decades down the line, I hand you the tip of my hat. For the rest of us, hop on top of the wave of uncertainty and ride it until the end.

We should never feel pressured to sustain the career path we embark at a young age. If I did this, I would now be a Grandmaster Space Wizard Ranger Extraordinaire Esquire - which still doesn’t sound like a bad gig. However, I traveled along the path with an unclear view throughout the years. There were unexpected turns that resulted in unexpected life events, but it chiseled out who I am today and I thank the Grandmasters of the universe for it.

If we feel pressured to stick to the path that we were forced to follow at a young age, we may inhibit the full potential of what we are naturally supposed to be. Pick up new projects, spark new interests, experiment with life and enjoy the ride.