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When do we stop believing ourselves? At what age does doubt become a filter that every decision thereafter is predicated on?

There have been studies conducted with results showing that most people are generally happier when they don't apply logic to a decision. The initial choice, at a pre-logic level, is most often the right choice. Think about the decisions that you go with your gut on. Have you ever been unhappy with that choice? Or I should say, have you ever been less happy than you would have been if you chose the other way? It's not even about the choice itself, but instead how you go about the  process of choosing. Don't think about it, don't ponder, don't list the possibilities. Instead, believe in that initial feeling. That feeling that we all have, yet we choose to ignore.

Go on and explore, create, and feel. Do so without a filter of doubt disguised as logic.

Anyone can come up with a list of why and why not. Why one road would be better to travel than another. Go with what feels right. 

The river is waiting, so roll on.