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It’s recruitment season, folks. Time to unbury yourself from the winter slumber, open the windows and dig up your work from the past few months. I know it’s hanging around there somewhere - each new thought or expression you have unleashed while fighting the annual cabin fever is sitting there neglected waiting for some attention.

It is now time to join my ranks. Don’t do it for me; do it for your fellow countrymen. They are looking to you to forge on in the battle for expanding each citizen’s horizons. Send me your paintings, your sculptures, your haikus and your films. Send me your opinions, your fears, your dreams and your failures. I want them all. It is at this point that you must ask yourself if you are content with sitting idly by as countless others are showcasing their talents while yours remain hidden from the masses. If the answer is no, then take my hand and come to the front lines to join the rest of the troops.

We are all waiting for you. Are you ready?