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There has repeatedly been a question floating around from the top of one’s mouth to the bottom of another’s ears. In growing numbers, people’s curiosity has been spreading throughout all areas of the world. Beginning with whispers in the cosmos of alleyways, small talk in kitchens, and heated debates in public bathrooms; people have been asking the same question.

“Who is the Yeti?”

Who is this bipedal humanoid with good grammar and an impeccable taste in whiskey? Why is he sharing the work of talented individuals from all over the world? Well, I am happy to answer the question on who exactly I am, and would love to discuss this further with you over a cocktail. Keep an eye out for me wherever you may be located. I will eventually make my way to you. Consider me a walking version of “Google Maps,” with a better style in headgear.

Last month I launched the Yeti store offering stitched material to prove your penchant for helping out those in need. If you haven’t picked up a shirt yet, make sure to take a look at the merchandise being offered. 100% of the profits are being donated to the International Rescue Committee.

I look forward to meeting you and dishing out all the details on who I am. Until then, check out this month’s content, and keep your eyes peeled.