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The Mobile Mixologist

I am an expert mixologist, teacher, and bartender. The video below is an audition for a gameshow, to air in prime time, with a cash prize, and to play you need to be an expert. My interest is in making the perfect cocktail for my guests. Impressing them with my extensive knowledge of cocktails is pretty far down the list of priorites for me, so the idea of tooting my own horn takes a concentrated effort. 

I have always been a firm believer that the more I know about a subject, the deeper I was in the rabbit hole, the more I saw how much there was yet to know. The infinite amount of minutiae was just that - infinite. And like the horizon, the more I pursue it, the farther away it stays. I know that there are many things that I don't know about the history of cocktails, the diversity of spirits, the crazy proliferation of different drinks, and even the current state of the art. But the producers of this show, and the viewing public, don't need to know that.

So, welcome to my dissembling. I used a script as I shot the video, but worked open-minded enough to change things on the fly. It's funny, I want to project a specific version of myself so that people don't know me well, and therefore don't know how far off the mark they are. Keep them in the dark and they'll never know what they don't know.

I'm Michael Cecconi, and I hope to get to know you a little bit better here in the pages of The Traveling Yeti.

You can see my expert skills in action behind the bar at Two Sisters Bar & Books where I'll be teaching a class on White Whiskey February 25th, March 27th and April 25th, a beer cocktail class at Two Sisters on February 9, and also teaching in NYC at the end of February.

Thank you.


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