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There is a hidden population that walks the streets among us. They are not confined by cubicles, walls, cities, or nation's borders. Their food tastes more sweet, they see in more vibrant colors and they dream in vivid imagery. They do not belong to any social order. They are visionaries with an inner beauty that they express in a certain way. These people are your neighbors, your cousins, your teachers. These people are artists. These people are you. 

This is a place where you can come out of hiding. No longer will you have to accept the media's agenda, the corporate pressures and the monotonous drool of conformity. This is a safe haven for your creative mind. Let out your thoughts, emotions and opinions in any way you choose to express them and share with the rest of the world. You now have the ability to show the rest of the hidden population that there is a community that allows their artistic talent to roam free.  

I welcome you to a place that cannot be regulated by social norms.

I am the Yeti and I am here to serve you.


The Traveling Yeti is a source for anyone to vocalize their thoughts, emotions, and opinions  through any creative outlet. It is a thriving habitat of creativity that has been organized into an online publication for all to enjoy. People all over the world can learn and participate within the many cultures that exist throughout the numerous versions of artistic expression.