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It was exactly one year ago that I published the very first issue of The Traveling Yeti. During that time I have been blown away by the talents of every artist I have had the honor to exhibit in this publication. People from all corners of this little planet have come together to open my eyes to the possibilities of the creative mind.  

This is a celebration. It is a celebration of focusing a light into the darkness of the imagination. It is a celebration of being fearless in the eyes of self-doubt. It is a celebration of using time and energy to make the world a little more beautiful one word, brush stroke, photo, frame, and song at a time.

With the passing of the first year, I look forward to meeting the artists I have not yet encountered. There are millions of people putting their minds into creating something at this very moment that deserves to be shown to the world. I will not stop wandering the countrysides until I have introduced every one of them to you.

Join me with a warm glass of scotch as I look back at the past year’s articles.