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I recently watched a film that was taken from a street car in 1906 as it rode down Market Street in San Francisco. For nine minutes I looked back into time to see what life was like 105 years ago. These were the days before traffic lights, creating clusters of vehicles in the middle of the road as people in fine dress and top hats walked naturally around the mayhem. Everybody was gilding the Lilly as they saw the camera go by. Cars were making u-turns just to be caught on film and citizens looked in amazement as they walked by camera. Film was a new process of capturing the world, and people had wanted to become part of it. By doing so, they had taken a step towards becoming immortal.

By creating this film, ghosts of the past are able to resonate in perfect health right in front of our eyes. As long as people are watching the footage captured on Market Street, the ones recorded will always have an impact on the viewer. This holds true for every person that has created something in their lives. Jack Kerouac died in 1969, but his work keeps him alive as he impacts my day-to-day life. Artists, photographers, musicians, and the rest of the like create masterpieces that grow on to become bigger than their mortal bodies could ever keep up with. By taking their time and putting their minds into the creation of something, they join the growing list of immortals.

A few days after the film on Market Street was completed, the earthquake struck, destroying most of the buildings the street car drives by, and killing the majority of people walking the streets. They were never-the-less alive for those nine minutes I watched them.

Become immortal and share something that will leave the pondering eyes 105 years from now speechless.