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I am currently editing the next issue and would love to have you be a part of it.

The Traveling Yeti is an online publication that is broken into sections that include, but are not limited to: short stories, poetry, photography, artwork, op/ed, music, and movies. Art can take place in countless forms and all of them are welcome here.

If you create, I'd love to share your:

  • Words

short stories. poetry. op/eds.

  • Art

drawings. paintings. colorings. sculptures.

  • Photos
caught with a lens; from a Canon 1D to an iPhone snap.
  • Music
from hip-hop to country. from cover to composed. 
  • Film
a 15 second clip or a 15 hour movie. a youtube virgin to vimeo superstar.
Send me a message and share your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and creations.