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My Brigadeiro

Those that fit the creative archetype typically experiment with more than one outlet. This could be due to the desire to push the limits they are capable of, or it may just happen by accident. Whatever the reason, Maya Zellman fits into the category of being gifted in more than one area. When I first met her, she was teaching Israeli and Palestinian children - combined into one class - how to dance. She then went on to teach dancing to folks of all ages in her hometown of Los Angeles, California.

It turns out Ms. Zellman is as light and graceful on her feet as she is in the kitchen. Not only can she turn your daughter into the next ballerina, B-girl, or salsa queen, she can also wet your appetite with sweet delicacies from her native land of Brazil. Her specialty is brigadeiro (pron: bree-gah-day-ro) and is one of my personal favorites from the region.

We are all surrounded by the common party foods that smother our appetites this time of year. Chocolate covered pretzels and corn flakes dipped in marshmallow sauce, dyed green to look like Christmas wreaths are always in abundance. I believe it is time to get exotic with our holiday tastes. Ms. Zellman provides us with a dessert that doesn’t quite fit into any contemporary category. As she puts it, “Is it a caramel? Not quite. Is it a Truffle? Nope! It’s Brigadeiro...a uniquely Brazilian sweet characterized by its rich and smooth texture not quite like anything you’ve tried before.” 

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

I typically have to travel far lengths to devour my favorite South American delicacies such as sauteed guinea pigs in Ecuador, and brigadeiro in Brazil. Ms. Zellman enables me to enjoy the latter without racking up new frequent flyer miles. They taste good enough to make you want to dance...and if you look foolish while doing so, she can help you out with that as well.


Tease your taste buds by looking at the photos then experience the real thing by placing an order.


Maya Zellman | Los Angeles, CA

Every time a brigadeiro is consumed whilst watching Footloose, the degree of separation to Kevin Bacon reduces by 0.001.

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    Normally retain to wend widely durations to consume my preference South American delicacies such as sauteed guinea swines in Ecuador, furthermore brigadeiro in Brazil. Ms. Zellman empowers me to relish the final minus racking up fresh prevalent ace miles. Beneficial
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    The Traveling Yeti - Sustenance - My Brigadeiro
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    The Traveling Yeti - Sustenance - My Brigadeiro
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    The Traveling Yeti - Sustenance - My Brigadeiro
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    The Traveling Yeti - Sustenance - My Brigadeiro
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To try these delicious treats, Maya's website is

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