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It’s been two years, one month and twenty-eight days since I first wrote about Mayhem. During that time, he has continually been strapping his laces, planting his feet in front of the mic, and verbally dominating our eardrums. His legion continues to grow as he grew from a rap minion, spreading his message through the streets, to ruling a dictatorship of hip-hop in his homegrown territory of Cleveland, Ohio.

Adding to the cause, Mayhem joined forces with other Buckeye State native, Wike Tha Kid, creating The Cleveland Kids - a duo to the likes of which haven't been seen since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Their album, "Hooligans," has the raw flavor that brings me back to the grassroots of hip hop - leaving out auto-tuning, kitschy female vocalists, and repetitive choruses about items made by Gucci for the styrofoam covered, dime-a-dozen rappers that should have slept in on the days they went to the recording studio.

If you strip down the glitter of shutter shades and swag concern, you will be left with what you may or may not have known you were craving for this whole time - unadulterated hip hop without the sour taste of contemporary pop culture. The Cleveland Kids quench this deprivation with anthems that solely focus on the passion of the craft.


Wake Up (Feat. Jared Thomas):

Bonfire (remix):

Mayhem and WTK can currently be seen creating their warpath throughout Northeast Ohio, and being the true conquistadors that they are, do not plan on keeping their empire within their native grounds. By their veracity in the numerous battle of the bands they compete, continued recordings, and rhythms that stay with you like smoke from a campfire, you will soon find yourself an enlisted soldier for The Cleveland Kids, pushing their reign to the unsuspecting masses.

As Mayhem puts it, “Words be that weapon and it’s loaded, this is code red.”


Welcome to the team.


Mayhem and Wike Tha Kid are:

The Cleveland Kids | Cleveland, OH 

Made a lifesize replica of Chip tha Ripper out of melted Chris Brown and Soulja Boy CDs.

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