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Every Single Day

When we left off with Lindsay Brooke she was spending her days serving food to the masses in the culinary world and creating a brilliant blog following her exploits. Since then Ms. Brooke has moved on from this profession. Even though she no longer has to put up with the asinine actions of America's diners, the general jack-assery has managed to follow her in another outlet. 

Ms. Brooke's new blog titled "Every Single Day" follows her dating life and has driven me to the conclusion that there is a widespread pandemic among the male sex. Most men do not realize they are infected and live their lives thinking everything is normal. Symptoms include, but not limited to, unresponsiveness, burger-sharing, and lack of common sense. However, Ms. Brooke's blog can serve as a form of treatment to the infected population. With her sense of humor and positive attitude towards dealing with the neanderthals that surround her, these men might soon realize that courting a young lady doesn't need to be so difficult if you only put some thought and care into it*. Until that happens, dating will continue to be as arduous as serving food to pissy middle-aged women.

*This, of course, goes for both sexes.


Special Delivery

The next few days were rather dreary. I felt like a fool. Put my heart out there once again..and got burned. The Busy Builder texted to ask how the concert was, and I told him he needed to figure out if he really wanted me as part of his life. He decided to take the week to think about his "priorities." I happened to be out and about when this happened and parked across from a flower truck covered in fake roses. Perfect. I sent him a photo of it as a suggestion for what to do if he really did want to make it up to me...No response. 

On Thursday morning, feeling particularly weak, I left my cell phone at home so I wouldn't stare at it NOT RINGING. It was probably just broken or know, like when I didn't get his texts on our first date? Around lunchtime, the door to my office opened and the thing I saw was a beautiful bouquet of flowers! The 1-800-flowers delivery man walked right up to me and announced they were for me...Lindsay!! This is happening! He sent me flowers! He likes me! He's sorry for what happened and wants to be together!

My hands were shaking as I ripped the card open...

Welcome to my life. I could NOT make this stuff up.

Thanks, Mom. It was a very kind thought....very bad timing. 


The life and times of a single girl in Southern California.


Lindsay Brooke | Age 27 | Los Angeles, CA

Once got into a heated debate with Stan Lee as to who invented the Reverse Spiderman.


Still Can Feel the Heat

Back in November, 2010, I had the pleasure to share the talents of Train Company's music rocking its way out of Chicago. Recently, they honored me with a sneak-peak of their new album, "The Remains of an Effort" set to release on August 14th. In their original article, I claimed that they prove that the Blues are still alive, thriving and running wild. Well, if their music at that time was a thesis to this argument, the new album is their dissertation. 

Outdoing themselves to the point that one-upping is long and gone, "The Remains of an Effort" beautifully incorporates new sounds by adding horns, strings and female back-up vocalists. When listening to the album, it is easy for me to understand why it took two years to complete. Every single track mixes the style I have grown to know and love from Train Company with the wisdom and increased talent they have gained in the four years they have been recording music. 

Every member of TC are now at PHD status in regards to the Blues and Rock n' Roll. Their advanced education was well worth the effort.


Educate yourselves and find out if Train Company is playing near you.


Mark Alletag, Mike DeWitte, Rob Lejman, and John Zozzaro are

Train Company | Chicago, IL

First alumnus to be posted in the Yeti Alumni section in 2012. First group to play a live show on Mars in 2015.

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